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These articles are from the quarterly Canadian Overview, a newsletter produced by the Canadian member firms of Moore Amérique du Nord. These articles are meant to pursue our mission of being the best partner in your success by keeping you aware of the latest business news.

Fourth Quarter 2022

16 December 2022
To cope with the recent pandemic, many companies were forced to drastically change their business models and adopt a virtual management approach. Automated bank transfers replaced cheques, face-to-face meetings yielded to Zoom, and a growing number of companies began using and developing integrated software and applications to manage financial transactions remotely.
16 December 2022
Recently the CRA began an “educational outreach project” relating to Personal Services Businesses (“PSB”). In its media releases, the CRA indicated they would be contacting Canadian businesses to request documentation regarding potential PSBs, but that participation would be voluntary.
16 December 2022
The process of acquiring a company is a lengthy undertaking which, when completed smoothly, does not significantly impact its normal operations. As many deals are done on a cash-free, debt-free basis, the post-closing balance sheet should reflect the true nature of the working capital of the company which differs from the traditional accounting-centric definition. Therefore, understanding a target company’s working capital cycle is a critical component in helping your client to negotiate a fair transaction and to ensure the smooth transition of control.
16 December 2022
Look, we probably don’t have to tell you it’s been a hard year to be an investor. Lingering effects of the pandemic, rising inflation, supply chain constraints, war and other external factors have produced significant declines in the markets that could make even the safest of investors sweat.
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