As a non-profit organization, you work in a sometimes complex environment in which you seek to achieve certain fundamental objectives that define your organization’s mission and its reason for existing. To do this, you want to surround yourself with experts who will be able to support and advise you.

Our perspective

The definition of a non-profit organization is as wide-ranging as the number and types of organizations that fall under that description. There are non-profits of all sizes and in every sector. But they all have one thing in common: financial reporting to the members of their association.

A non-profit’s governance is essential to managing it and ensuring its success. A non-profit must be able to rely on a strong, active and competent board of directors to realize its vision and its mission. With competent executive management, a board of directors backed by external consultants can provide effective governance for the organization, thus ensuring peace of mind for all of its members. We have the necessary skills, experience and expertise to support your organization and let you keep that peace of mind.

“Over 400 non-profit organizations use our services. You should too.”

What we’ll mean to you

We are a team of experts dedicated to your organization’s long-term success. We will support you with all your financial reporting needs, and with good governance practices. At the head of our team, you can count on a Marcil Lavallée partner with whom you’ll have a close and long-lasting relationship.

Our auditing expertise will provide you with the required level of assurance. We stay in tune with your organization’s day-to-day realities so that we can help you to prepare your annual reports and the financial information required for your annual assembly.

We’re familiar with the requirements and timetables involved with contribution agreements, meaning we can support your board of directors with its reporting to your funding agencies and partners.

What we offer

Peace of mind, an objective presence to monitor and protect through guaranteed availability.



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