All in the family: passing the cottage to the next generation

As parents age, they may think about transferring assets and family heirlooms to their children. Often, one such heirloom is the family cottage. Summer vacations at the family cottage are among the most memorable and cherished of times, holding deep sentimental value for parents.

Underused housing tax act

On June 9, 2022 Bill C-8 received Royal Assent making the Underused Housing Tax Act (“UHTA”) law. This new legislation requires certain owners of residential property in Canada to file returns annually commencing in 2022, with the first filing deadline coming this April 30, 2023. The UHTA implements an annual...

Rules for Disclosure of Determined Transactions

Since 2021, taxpayers must disclose to Revenu Québec the specified transactions they have carried out. A specified transaction may be an arrangement, an event or a series of transactions where the form and substance of the facts concerning the taxpayer are similar to the transactions determined by the Government of...

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